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Escaping Smoking With Acupuncture

Quitting is your best decision ever!

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The information on these page is not intended to be medical advice nor to claim that acupuncture alone always stops people smoking. Please consult your primary health care provider for any health concerns. The site is not responsible for the content or activities of external links and does not automatically endorse them or their activities.

This site was started by Daniel Clarke, who has a science background but encountered oriental medicine through shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine – and was amazed at some of the results, even though he couldn’t explain them using conventional science at times. Daniel has been a cigarette smoker, now stopped! He works in drug safety and enjoys playing guitar and travels whenever possible, always interested in new cultures and experiences. Daniel’s co-authors Kaz Strom and CK Rivera are also ex-smokers! They have various backgrounds in media, Traditional Chinese Medicine, social care and medical admin and their many interests include also discovering new cultural experiences, the basics of quantum physics and lying by swimming pools as much as humanly possible without owning one! All contributors hope you enjoy the site and wish readers every success escaping smoking.

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